Yellow Telecaster Style Body - 2.9kg 

Telecaster Body -  weight 2.9kg. For Scale Length: 25.5″ - possibly a type of Mahogany?

This Tele style body is routed to take a standard neck pickup and standard Telecaster bridge pickup.

If you look at the photos of the jack socket hole you can see the grain / swirls of the material, you must use your own judgment and make your own conclusions as to what this Telecaster body is made of, all I can say is... it is heavy!

I bought this a few years ago in a bundle of bodies. The paintwork is in good condition and the body is in general good order.

  • Approx. Thickness: 42mm
  • Approx. Neck Pocket Width: 57mm
  • Approx. Weight: 2.9kg
  • Yellow finish with black band
  • Gloss Finish

This is a factory made body and not one I have made. UK sale only.

Rat Bait Guitar bodies are different from others in several ways. They are made from recycled wood gathered from various sources, such as old furniture, fence posts, roof constructions, flooring, and more. These discarded bits of timber are reused and reshaped into guitar bodies that have a unique character and history. The wood upcycled, repurposed, and recycled, which means that it reduces waste and saves resources.