Relic Nashville Telecaster Style Guitar Body - Recycled Material - UK Made

Telecaster Body made from recycled materials - body weight 1.85kg. Body for sale only. For Scale Length: 25.5″

This ‘Rat Bait’ body is made from bits of salvaged roofing timber and parts of a 1970s vegetable rack, constructed and assembled in a rat infested shed in North Devon.

The shape of the body is based on 1960s / 70s Japanese guitars but with a Telecaster layout.

The scratchplate, bridge and pickups are not included in the sale, they are for illustration purposes only.

This Nashville style body is routed to take a standard neck pickup, single coil middle pickup and standard Telecaster bridge pickup. Can be used as a Standard Telecaster body - neck and bridge pickup.

This handmade body has dents, scratches and is finished in beeswax.

Body made from a salvaged materials
Approx. Thickness: 44mm
Approx. Neck Pocket Width: 57mm
Approx. Weight: 1.85kg
Flamed finished and beeswaxed

Reused and reshaped, these discarded bits of timber gems have been given a new life, upcycled, repurposed and recycled.