Sunburst Nashville Style Telecaster Body - Three Pickup Telecaster Body

Nashville Style Telecaster Body.

This sunburst Nashville style Tele body is in great condition with no dents or bumps, there are a few light surface scratches from being played - it looks almost new. The back of the guitar body is a deep black.

The scratchplate and pickups are for illustration purposes only and are not included in the sale.

The wood is possibly basswood or Paulownia. Finished in a transparent sunburst, high gloss finish, a fantastic base for a DIY Nashville Telecaster.

  • 43mm thick (± 0.5 mm Deviation)
  • 56mm neck pocket (± 0.5 mm Deviation)

Rat Bait Guitars Made in Devon.

The guitars we sell are made using a combination of new and reclaimed parts. Our guitars are never perfect, but they are great value - each guitar is a custom-built instrument. The guitar salvaged parts we sell are all tested to make sure they are fit for purpose.

We have a selection of new and used guitar bodies in stock, prices starting from £25.00 upwards. We have Telecaster and Stratocaster type bodies, some already painted and some in raw wood.

The bodies we make are made from recycled wood gathered from various sources - old furniture, fence posts, salvaged timber from roof constructions, flooring etc. All constructed and shaped in our rat-infested shed in North Devon.

Reused and reshaped, these discarded bits of timber gems have been given a new life. The timber we use is upcycled, repurposed and recycled. Each guitar we make is custom built, each one is unique and one of a kind.