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Nashville Style Telecaster Body

This Telecaster type body is in great condition with few minor surface scratches and bumps - looks almost new. The wood is possibly basswood or Paulownia. Finished in a transparent, high gloss finish, a fantastic base for a DIY Nashville Telecaster.

  • 43mm thick (± 0.5 mm Deviation)
  • 56mm neck pocket (± 0.5 mm Deviation)
  • Weight of body 1.20kg

The scratchplate is for illustration purposes only and is not included in the sale.

Nashville Telecaster custom guitars are a unique and versatile option for guitar players who want to combine the best of both worlds: the classic Telecaster sound and the three pickup configuration of the Stratocaster. 

Nashville Telecasters have three pickups: a Telecaster bridge pickup, a Stratocaster middle pickup, and a humbucker or another single-coil in the neck position. This allows for a wide range of tones, from twangy country to smooth jazz to crunchy rock. Nashville Telecasters also have a five-way switch, which lets you select different combinations of pickups for different sounds. Some Nashville Telecasters also have a contour heel, which makes it easier to reach the upper frets.

Nashville Telecasters are not a standard Fender model, but rather a custom modification that originated in Nashville, Tennessee, where many studio musicians needed a versatile guitar that could handle different styles and genres.

Nashville Telecaster custom guitars are a great choice for anyone who loves the look and feel of a Telecaster, but wants more sonic options and flexibility of a three pickup setup. They are ideal for playing country, blues, rock, pop, and anything in between.

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