Squier parts available

Indonesian Fender Squier Stratocasters from the 2000s have some common features and specifications that distinguish them from other Squier guitars. Some of these are:

- Body: The body of Indonesian Squier Stratocasters is made of agathis wood, which is a tropical hardwood that is similar to mahogany in tone and weight. Agathis wood is cheaper than alder or basswood, which are used for higher-end Squier guitars. The body shape is the same as a Fender Stratocaster, with a double-cutaway design and a contoured back. The body finish is usually glossy and comes in various colors, such as black, red, blue, sunburst, and metallic.

This SE body is from approximately 2000 and has a few dents, bumps and scratches but still has its deep shine.

These are probably one of the best bodies to build a perfect partscaster or upgrade your Squier Bullet. I have fitted genuine Fender Mexican necks to these bodies in the past and they are a superb combination as good as, if not better than a genuine Mexican Stratocaster.

The general consensus is that SE bodies are made from Agathis, although some were apparently made from Alder.

- Neck: The neck of Indonesian Squier Stratocasters is made of maple wood, which is a common wood for guitar necks. The neck shape is C-shaped, which is comfortable and easy to play. The neck joint is bolt-on, which means that the neck is attached to the body with four screws. The neck finish is usually satin or gloss polyurethane. The serial number of the guitars appears on the back of the neck, for a brief period a sticker was used to display this serial number. These stickers usually come off so a Squier neck that has no visible serial number was probably manufactured around 2000 and could have been made in China. 'Made in Indonesia' also appears on the back of the neck.

- Fretboard: The fretboard of Indonesian Squier Stratocasters is made of rosewood or maple wood, depending on the model and color. Rosewood fretboards are more common and have a darker color and a warmer tone. Maple fretboards are less common and have a lighter color and a brighter tone. The fretboard radius is 9.5 inches, which is standard for most Fender guitars. The fretboard has medium jumbo frets, which are larger and wider than vintage frets. The fretboard also has dot inlays for markers.


- Pickups: The pickups of Indonesian Squier Stratocasters are single-coil pickups, which are typical for Stratocaster guitars. Single-coil pickups have a clear and crisp sound that can be distorted or clean depending on the amplifier settings. Indonesian Squier Stratocasters have three single-coil pickups: one in the bridge position, one in the middle position, and one in the neck position. The pickups are controlled by a five-way selector switch that allows different combinations of pickups to be used.

Cor-Tek five pole switch, pickups and Alpha pots.

- Hardware: The hardware of Indonesian Squier Stratocasters consists of chrome-plated parts that include tuners, bridge, saddles, pickguard, knobs, jack plate, strap buttons, and screws. The tuners are die-cast tuners that have a smooth and stable tuning action. The bridge is a vintage-style synchronized tremolo bridge that allows vibrato effects by using a tremolo arm or whammy bar. The saddles are six individual metal pieces that hold the strings and adjust their height and intonation. The pickguard is a single-ply plastic piece that covers the body cavity and protects the pickups and wiring.

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