A Concept Rat Bait Guitar - AI Design

After spending six years at Art College, in the UK, I came to the conclusion that subcontracting creativity to machines, computers etc. was a positive way to create new ideas. I used computers in the 1990s to design and make gravestones - this might be a strange way to create unique objects, afterall anybody could probably do it...

This is not strictly true. An understanding of materials and the way they react is fundamental in creating a design, particularly if you are using natural materials. No two pieces of wood, stone etc. are the same.

Following on from this train of thought I got an AI bot to look at the designs we make at Rat Bait Guitars and asked it to create some images of new ones, it came up with dozens of 'ideas'. Some were practical and some were a bit flawed, either impossible to build or impossible / difficult to play e.g. eight machine heads at the headstock and six strings at the bridge, a great idea but the transition of strings wasn't explained in the design. This exercise was fruitful, it gave options that hadn't been considered, snippets of lateral thinking and definitely food for thought.

Concept Guitar

Our brand mission

We use parts from the 1970s right up to the 2020s, mixed together to give the experience of 'heritage', not the fake visual illusion of 'relic'. The aim is to produce guitars that are very affordable, playable and sound better than the average homogenised stuff that is out there. They won't be shiny and shimmering - they will look rugged, with a few battle scars but they will compliment any serious guitar collection.

Why not visit our online store and build yourself your own guitar?

'Rat Bait Guitars is a company based in Devon, UK, that makes hand-built guitars, they also sell guitar parts, both new and used, that are tested for quality and functionality. They have an online shop where you can browse their products and order them via PayPal. They offer free UK shipping and international shipping on request.' 

Rat Bait Guitars are different from other guitars in several ways. They are made from recycled materials, discarded, broken, damaged guitars, wood gathered from various sources, such as old furniture, fence posts, roof constructions, flooring, and more. These discarded bits of timber and defunct guitars are reused and reshaped into guitars that have a unique character and history. The materials are upcycled, repurposed, and recycled, reducing waste and saving resources.

Rat Bait Guitars are custom built, which means that each guitar is one of a kind and not repeatable.

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