Vintage Sam Sung Humbucker

1980s Vintage Samsung Humbucker

1980s Vintage Samsung Humbucker Pickup – 15.76k, (Tap) 7.83k


Black Bridge Vintage Sam Sung Humbucker – 15.76k, (Tap) 7.83k. Used in Epiphones, Samicks etc. from the late 1980s and other various guitars from the same period.

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Vintage Samsung


Vintage Samsung Humbucker – 15.76k, (Tap) 7.83k

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Vintage Samsung Humbucker – High Output Passive Pickup. This pickup will give you that 1980s sound you are looking for. Used in early 1990s Epiphones, Samicks from the late 1980s, and other various guitars from the same period.

  • Resistance:  15.76
  • Tap: 7.83
  • Poles: 52mm
  • Poles: 6×6 pieces of non-adjustable slug.
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Metal + Plastic
Vintage Samsung

Mini Switches for Humbucker Coil Tap

£5.30 – UK Post Free. Contact for International Shipping

These are used for humbucker pickups to switch to either a single coil sound or the full humbucker. This pair of switches allows you to adapt a pair of to multi-tapped pickups. New stock.


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