UK Guitar Bodies

This metallic dark red body dates from around 2015 and is made from a type of basswood.

Reed Body

Red Stratocaster Type Body - 

This HSH body comes with a white scratchplate (holes match the screw holes in the body) and a rear cover. This metallic solid body is approximately 42mm thick. The overall condition of this Strat type body is fair but has a few chips and very minor dents. 

Neck Pocket is approximately 56mm Wide. 

The body has a couple of chips around the neck socket please see images to judge condition.  


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Fender Squier Body – #stratocaster #luthier #guitarbody #fender

These are the best bodies to build a perfect partscaster or upgrade you Squier Bullet. I have fitted genuine Fender Mexican necks to these bodies in the past and they are a superb combination as good as, if not better than a genuine Mexican Stratocaster. The general consensus is that SE bodies are made from Agathis, although some were apparently made from Alder.

This SE body is from approximately 2000 and has a few dents, bumps and scratches but still has its deep shine.

  • Body weight with strap buttons 2.012kg
  • Neck pocket 56mm wide (± 0.5 mm Deviation)
  • Thickness 45mm (± 0.5 mm Deviation)
  • Includes strap buttons