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Black Bridge and Neck Humbucker – Set

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Includes springs and screws, in as new condition. We brand our pickups and parts with our name, sometimes clients want to customise their guitar so we occasionally have surplus stock. We have these on offer at a low price – excellent value.


  • Resistance:  11.75k ohm
  • Poles: 50mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Metal + Plastic


  • Resistance:  12.00k ohm
  • Poles: 52mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Metal + Plastic
Split a Humbucker...
  1. You need a splittable humbucker. This means that the humbucker has four wires plus one bare shield (ground) wire coming out of it. Sometimes a pickup will have two of the wires already connected / joined, which makes the process of spliting easier. Each wire corresponds to one end of each coil, and the shield wire is connected to the metal casing of the pickup. Some older or rare humbuckers may only have two wires, which means they cannot be split. Some other types of pickups that look like humbuckers, such as P-90s or mini-humbuckers, may also not be splittable.
  2. You need a switch that can turn off one coil of the humbucker. The most common and convenient way to do this is to use a push-pull potentiometer (pot), which is a pot that also acts as a switch when you pull or push it. You can use any volume or tone pot on your guitar as a push-pull pot, as long as it has the same value as the original pot (usually 500K for humbuckers). You can also use other types of switches, such as toggle switches or mini switches, but they may require more drilling or wiring on your guitar.
  3.  You need to choose which coil to split. When you split a humbucker, you have to decide which coil you want to keep active and which one you want to send to ground (turn off). This will affect the tone and output of the split pickup, as well as how it interacts with other pickups on your guitar. Generally speaking, the easiest way to choose which coil to split is by wire colour.

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