Friday, 13 August 2021

2006 Fender Squier Tremolo Unit

This tremolo unit was removed from a 2006 Squire Stratocaster

£13.50 – UK Post Free Contact for International Shipping

This bundle contains new and used parts.

    1. Unit without arm 228g.
    2. Claw (new)
    3. 3 x trem springs (new)
    4. Bridge saddles, springs and adjusters (original)
    5. Tremolo arm (new)

  1. Please remember – Non-UK clients must contact us before purchasing products. Shipping must be added for international shoppers. If you are from a non-UK country your order will not be dispatched unless you contact us before purchase. All UK shipping is free of charge.

    We carry a small amount of stock which changes constantly – contact us if you are looking for a part.

    We try to be cheaper than eBay – Our Items are UK Post Free. Please Contact Us for International Shipping

    Now free EU shipping on our engraved neck plates.

    1996 Squier Partscaster – £85.00 (collection).

    Contact for shipping

    Available on Facebook
    1996 Fender Squier – Available on Facebook Marketplace

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