UK Relic Guitar Parts - Rat Bait Zebra Humbuckers #humbucker #relicguitarparts #partscaster #ukguitar

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New neck and bridge Rat Bait Zebra humbuckers, tap wire (= 2 x positions)

They come with adjusting bolts and springs and still have protective plastic on them and they are also wax coated.


  • Resistance:  11.20k ohm
  • Tap: 5.65k ohm
  • Poles: 50mm
  • Colour:Black and Cream
  • Material: Metal + Plastic


  • Resistance:  11.90k ohm
  • Tap: 6.00k ohm
  • Poles: 52mm
  • Colour:Black and Cream
  • Material: Metal + Plastic
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Rat Bait Pickups and Rat Bait Partscaster Parts

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