Friday, 6 November 2020

Scratchplate – Squier Pickups #squier #fender #stratocaster #vintageguitar #strat #partscaster

Stratocaster Loaded Scratchplate

£22.00 £17.25

Pickups and electrics removed from a Fender Squier and fitted onto a new white 3 ply scratchplate. The pots are CF type and are probably from a Squier. The Scratchplate still has a protective film on it and the pickups are medium to high output. These pickups give the good old early Fender sound – not to be underestimated when compared to expensive pickups.


Stratocaster Loaded Scratchplate

Scratchplate – Squier Pickups

£17.25 UK Post Free – Contact for International Shipping.
  • Neck – approx 4.85k output
  • Middle – approx 4.98k output
  • Bridge – approx 5.05k output

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