Friday, 6 March 2020

Made In England Guitar Parts Bundle – Tremolo and other parts #madeinengland #stratocaster #guitarparts

Make your new relic Stratocaster project look unique with a Made In England engraved neck plate.


  £16.50 – UK Post Free

This bundle contains a 'Made In England' engraved neck plate.

Included is: claw, bridge saddles, adjusters, springs, tremolo arm, 'Made In England' neck plate, rear tremolo cover, all fixing screws and strap buttons

Made In England neckplate and screws. This tremolo bridge will drop straight into your project body, Fender Squier or other Stratocaster style body.

This bundle is made up of new and salvaged parts, see images to judge condition.

This bundle is made up of parts removed from a Fender Squier, other guitars and contains parts from all over the world.

  1. Claw
  2. 3 x trem springs
  3. Tremolo arm
  4. Bridge saddles, springs and adjusters
  5. Made In England neck plate
  6. Tremolo assembly
  7. Rear tremolo cover
  8. Strap Buttons

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