Tuesday, 5 March 2019

High Gloss HSS Black Stratocaster Type Body, Vintage Partcaster Body, 56mm Neck #guitarsalvage #guitarspares #guitarbody #ukguitar

Black Stratocaster Type Body

This body was bought for a project but never used

HSS Configured – This is a well manufactured Stratocaster type guitar body.  
£40.00 Free UK postage and packing

  1. Good weight
  2. 42mm body thickness (approximately)
  3. Neck Pocket 56mm Wide
This body was taken from a guitar that had high-end hardware fitted

This contoured body is medium in weight and is routed to fit most standard pickup configurations. This black solid wood body is thicker than a standard Squire body.  The overall condition is good with a few minor blemishes and surface scratches on it, looks stunning from a distance, with a deep paint shine.
Check images to judge condition

Neck Pocket 56mm Wide - More details on request
Email: sales@guitarsalvage.co.uk or telephone (uk): 07596 533687 to make an offer. Please email or call for international shipping.

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